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Great Expectations

Newest trends in sports acupuncture

In  the summer Olympics in 2016, Eastern medicine received much attention. The best athletes wore cupping marks on their backs, showing the world their choice in ultimate healing. Possibly a little intimidating, cupping is just a lifting of the skin to get more blood flow into the area.  The reason for dark circles is not bruising as it is not trauma.  Circles can show from light to dark depending on the distress that part of your body was under. It is old blood that rushed to the area maybe a long time ago, and needs to come to the surface and dissipate away. Pretty exciting to have that option! Large muscle groups feel looser and many athletes find they sleep better after cupping.


Not only does cupping work with recovery and healing in sports, athletes find acupuncture and herbs are also a very important tool to add in their regiment.  Herbs are tailored to the athlete; formulas have been studied and used for a very long time. Among the earliest literature are lists of prescriptions in the manuscript "Recipes for 52 Ailments", found in the Mawangdui which dates

back to 168 BC. Athletes are looking for a quicker recovery, and Eastern medicine helps augment their healing process. 

Trending now is having Eastern medicine readily available for athletes.  Acupuncture Physicians are located at sporting events and designing their practice to include sports packages for patients just looking for a quick muscle release and pain relief  before the next event.
Another exciting thing about Eastern Medicine is that it can help with any deficiencies or excesses you are experiencing.  If you have headaches, muscle soreness, cramping in your legs, waking up in the night after a big match in the sun or running a marathon; then Eastern Medicine is the right place for you. The trend is balancing the body through herbs and acupuncture. Set a new training goal, write down your current obstacles emotionally and physically, and see your Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor.

Trending in medicine, both Eastern and Western is Concierge Medicine.  Concierge medicine is building a relationship with the patient, as it should be.  How dreamy to be able to just show up or contact your doctor when needed and not have to wait. When you have that nagging knot in your back that ruins your day, a quick stop at the acupuncturist would do wonders. This is the wave of doctors to how many patients do you have that feel good, not how many are sick.  And with the cost at around $100 a month, it is a huge score.