What driving force keeps you going until you find exactly where you need and want to be? Through all the trials and journeys that seemed so far removed, being here in this medicine is where I was meant to be, and everything in my past led me here. At the age 16 I had my first knee surgery from soccer. I wanted to get back out as soon as possible, but the lack of knowledge, rehab, stubbornness, or plain bad luck, I had six surgeries on that one knee when all said and done. Several doctors said I wouldn’t walk without a limp. I gave up on sports until my last surgery at age 26. I had a cadaver ACL replacement. It felt better,

As a personal trainer and fitness director for clubs, I educated and motivated people to feel good inside and out. Besides helping others get in shape, it gave me a free membership and helped to keep my knee strong. I learned a lot being in physical therapy for 10 years, and I ended up hitting for fun on a tennis court with a teaching pro. I am thankful I am still playing, and my knee feels great and strong.  Check out my blog on joints to see what I have to done to make it better than ever. 

I have looked for the right medical profession my whole life.  I would take medical classes from organic chemistry to forensic science through the years, with no direction but enjoyment. One day I ended up at an integrated medical school, just to check it out.  They said be a patient - see what it is about.  

I admit I knew nothing about Eastern Medicine. It was a bit intimidating. I thought I felt good until they asked me some questions that made me think. Yes I wake up in the night, that’s not normal? Or a headache in the afternoon no biggie right?  

Then they asked about my ears. I had a new eardrum put in 6 months earlier. I had about 20 percent eardrum left and over 20 years of scar tissue built up with significant hearing loss. I woke up from the surgery with clouds over my eyes and vertigo. I now had hearing, but the response to the brain was delayed. I lived with it.  The doctors said I was just getting older and nothing could be done.


I told the Eastern medicine school bout my ear surgery and eye problems. I was lying on the table and a little freaked out. There were needles sticking out all over my body. I felt like a human pin cushion! I laid there for 20 minutes alone trying to relax, wondering how I would unneedle myself if there was a fire or something. Eventually, I fell asleep.  


I had no expectations. This was a school clinic with students working on me. Then something amazing happened. When they came back into the room and turned on the lights, I looked around. The clouds were gone from my eyes. I was shocked. I could hear their voices more clearly. I quietly whispered to myself, “What the hell is this medicine?”

I needed to learn more about Chinese medicine. I spent weeks researching it at my local library. Soon, I became a student.


Being a very scientific mind, the first semester seemed a bit whimsical and poetic to me, and not my perception of hard facts.  It was spoken different, but I learned it made perfect sense and came together very detailed for this science mind. While studying In the clinic, I saw many patients with problems, and learned to put the puzzle of their concerns together and help most of them.

I love solving mysteries. Modern medicine is amazing and has achieved some wonderful results. But there is so much more to learn. I cannot be more thankful to have had and conquered the experiences, pains and the growth that have made me a good and compassionate doctor.  I play hard and hurt hard! Acupuncture has a big place in my healing along with western medicine.  They work together great.

My goal is to help everyone never give up -- and get back out and play.

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